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Hot Color's Summer Slippers *****Unisex

Hot Color's Summer Slippers *****Unisex

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Shoe Size


 µ Boos Casual Shoes

 µ EVA Flip-flops

 µ Beach  Sandals


How to choose the correct size:

Step 1 Please measure your foot length carefully, when you choose the size.

Step 2 Please choose the correct size according to your foot length

For example, If your foot length is 26 cm, you should choose the size 42.

Step 3If you are not sure of the correct size, you can clickContact

Feet length+=Insole length-(0~1) cm

NOTE: Don't choose the size based on the Outsole length

CN Size 35 = Foot Length 21.0cm

CN Size 36 = Foot Length 22.0cm

CN Size 37 = Foot Length 22.5cm

CN Size 38 = Foot Length 23.0cm

CN Size 39 = Foot Length 23.5cm

CN Size 40 = Foot Length 24.5cm

CN Size 41 = Foot Length 25.0cm

CN Size 42 = Foot Length 25.5cm

CN Size 43 = Foot Length 26.5cm

CN Size 44 = Foot Length 27.0cm

CN Size 45 = Foot Length 27.5cm

CN Size 46 = Foot Length 28.3cm

CN Size 47 = Foot Length 29.0cm

CN Size 48 = Foot Length 29.7cm

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