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Alarm Anti-loss bracelet Bluetooth compatible

Alarm Anti-loss bracelet Bluetooth compatible

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### Smart Mini GPS Tracker: Bluetooth Compatible Alarm Anti-Loss Bracelet for Kids

#### Secure Your Belongings and Loved Ones with Advanced Positioning Technology

Introducing the Smart Mini GPS Tracker, a Bluetooth-compatible device designed to keep track of your children, pets, keys, wallets, and other valuables. With its alarm anti-loss bracelet and precise positioning search capabilities, this device ensures peace of mind by helping you quickly locate your most important items.

#### Key Features:

1. **Bluetooth Compatibility**: Easily connect the GPS tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The seamless integration allows for real-time updates and alerts.

2. **Alarm Anti-Loss Bracelet**: The tracker features an alarm that activates when your item moves out of a designated range, helping prevent loss or theft.

3. **Precise Positioning Search**: Equipped with advanced GPS technology, this tracker provides accurate location data, ensuring you can quickly find your lost items.

4. **100mAh Battery**: The built-in 100mAh battery offers extended usage time, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

5. **Versatile Use**: Ideal for tracking children, pets, keys, wallets, and other valuables. The compact design makes it easy to attach to various items, including children's bracelets and pet collars.

6. **Child-Friendly Design**: The tracker comes in a cute animal-themed design, making it appealing and comfortable for kids to wear.

#### Why Choose Our Smart Mini GPS Tracker?

Choosing the right anti-loss device is essential for keeping your belongings and loved ones safe. Our Smart Mini GPS Tracker stands out with its reliable Bluetooth connectivity, precise GPS positioning, and versatile use. It’s perfect for parents, pet owners, and anyone who wants to secure their valuables.

#### Conclusion

Protect what matters most with the Smart Mini GPS Tracker. With its Bluetooth compatibility, alarm anti-loss bracelet, and advanced positioning search, this device offers a comprehensive solution for keeping track of your children, pets, and valuables. Ensure safety and peace of mind with this must-have tracker.

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This anti-lost device is a product based on the latest low-power technology.


By using APP software and connection with mobile devices such as mobile phones, it is easy to lose items and valuables (such as keys, handbags, etc) Bundled together, to achieve the anti-lost reminder of the item, to find the function of the mobile phone


The anti-lost device can effectively use the distance, up to 10 meters in the open range, even you can use it on your baby or pet, you no longer have to worry about losing them.


Two-way alarm - When your mobile phone is connected to the anti-lost device, if you only bring your mobile phone when you go out, and leave the anti-lost device about 10 meters away, the mobile phone and keychain will alert you.


Two-way search - When you leave your mobile phone or anti-lost device (with the easy-to-drop object) at home, you can find the phone through the anti-lost device, or you can find the anti-lost device on your mobile phone.


Positioning search - If you don't pay attention to the lost item after the reminder, you can check the lost position through the positioning function in the APP, that is, the position disconnected from the phone.


Built-in battery: Built-in battery: Built-in 100 mAh battery, support charging


Package Included:




1*charging cable


1*User manual


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