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Multi Claw Head Massager

Multi Claw Head Massager

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• Deep Tissue Head Massage :The multi-claw head massager provides a deep tissue head massage, targeting sore muscles and promoting relaxation.

• Vibrator Function :The vibrator function of this head massager adds an extra layer of stimulation, making it an even more enjoyable experience.

• Shoulder, Arm, and Neck Massage :This head massager can also be used on other parts of the body, such as the shoulders, arms, and neck, providing a full-body massage.

• ABS Material :Made of durable ABS material, this head massager is built to last and withstand frequent use.

Product description

Features:Head Massager

The specially designed massage node replicates the feeling of a human hand - using our amazing head and scalp massager feels completely relaxed. This is a necessary condition for a healthy and happy life! Increase blood circulation to the scalp, stimulate hair growth, promote relaxation, release stress, and relieve pain.


1. Relaxing pressure and deep scalp massage: The scalp massager features 4 massage heads, 24 independent nodes, and 3D deep kneading, perfectly fitting your scalp and providing a 360 ° massage experience. Gently knead.

2. The head massager advances in low and high speed modes, reverses low and high speed modes, and can choose between high speed forward and backward modes. The more stimulating 3D finger massage experience is designed to provide soothing relief.

3. Comfortable to use: The head massager mimics human fingers and helps quickly alleviate pain and stiffness. The stimulation of massage increases blood flow, helping to regulate and smooth the skin.

4. Four independent massage heads can be disassembled and cleaned separately.

5. Ergonomic design: The head massager conforms to ergonomic design and has unique anti slip threads to increase friction, allowing you to better grip it and prevent it from slipping during use.


Product: Head massager

Power mode: USB

Massage principle: kneading

Control method: button type

Color: White

Package included:

1*Head massager

NOTED: If you feel unwell during use, please stop using


The pictures on this page are for reference only, and the actual product design may vary

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