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Travel Foldable Baby Potty

Travel Foldable Baby Potty

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### Portable Travel Potty for Kids Ages 7-12: Foldable, Includes Waste Bags, Easy to Clean

Make Potty Emergencies Hassle-Free Anywhere You Go

Introducing our Portable Travel Potty designed specifically for kids ages 7-12, providing a convenient solution for bathroom emergencies during travel or outdoor activities. This foldable potty ensures comfort, cleanliness, and ease of use wherever your child needs it.

#### Key Features:

- **Foldable and Portable**: Easy to fold and carry, making it perfect for travel or outdoor activities.
- **Includes 10 Waste Bags**: Comes with 10 waste bags, ensuring you have ample supplies for your child's potty needs on the go.
- **Suitable for Kids Ages 7-12**: Designed to be the perfect size and height for older children, ensuring comfort during use.
- **Easy to Clean**: Hassle-free cleaning process, maintaining cleanliness and comfort for both parents and children.
- **Sturdy and Secure**: Sturdy legs extend and snap into place quickly, providing stability during use.
- **Lightweight and Compact**: Weighs under a pound and folds to a compact size, ideal for storage in a car, diaper bag, stroller, or purse. Includes a convenient storage pouch.

#### Specifications:

- **Size**: 22cm * 20cm * 10cm
- **Color**: As shown
- **Weight**: 320g
- **Package Includes**: 1 Pcs Baby Potty, 10 Pcs garbage bags, 1 Pcs storage bag

#### Additional Information:

- **Easy Setup**: The sturdy legs extend quickly for immediate use during bathroom emergencies.
- **Disposable Liners**: Soft, flexible tabs hold disposable potty liners in place for added convenience. Comes with 12 liners initially.
- **Note**: Ensure comfort during use; discontinue if any discomfort arises during contact with the skin.

#### Why Choose Our Portable Travel Potty?

Our Portable Travel Potty offers convenience, cleanliness, and ease of use, making it an essential item for parents on the move. Perfect for addressing unexpected potty needs during travel or outdoor adventures, it ensures your child's comfort and hygiene wherever you go.

#### Conclusion

Ensure preparedness for bathroom emergencies with our Portable Travel Potty for Kids Ages 7-12. With its foldable design, waste bags, and easy cleaning features, it's the perfect companion for hassle-free travel with children. Invest in comfort and convenience for your child today.

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