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Kids Smart Phone Educational Musical Player MP3 /Dual Camera Selfie /512MB Card /Touchscreen/ Learning Toy

Kids Smart Phone Educational Musical Player MP3 /Dual Camera Selfie /512MB Card /Touchscreen/ Learning Toy

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Kids Smart Phone Toy

Let children indulge in the joy of technology and unleash their creativity! We present to you our Kids Smart Phone Toy that meets all your expectations for quality, functionality, and safety.

Key Features:

1、HD Photography and Video Recording - Equipped with front and rear high-definition dual cameras (300K pixels), allowing children to capture clear and vivid photos and videos. Record wonderful memories and create innovative works!

2、MP3 Music Playback - Built-in MP3 player allows children to enjoy their favorite music anytime, anywhere. Foster music appreciation and rhythm sensitivity, immersing children in the wonderful world of music.

3、Eco-Friendly Silicone Material - Safe and Durable - Made from eco-friendly silicone material, non-toxic, harmless, and long-lasting, providing a safe user experience for children.

Product Features:

● IPS Touchscreen Function - 2.4-inch IPS touchscreen ensures sensitive and smooth operation, delivering a high-definition visual experience.

● Supports up to 32GB Memory Card - Expandable storage capacity allows children to store more moments and collect their favorite music, videos, and photos.

● Power Supply - 5V/1A

● Charging Time - 2 hours

● Battery Capacity - With an 800mAh battery, it offers a standby time of 30 days and supports       continuous music playback for up to 7 hours.

● Additional Functions - The Kids Smart Phone Toy includes a camera, video recorder, photo album, audio recording, music player, video player, stopwatch, flashlight, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, toolbox, themes, pedometer, games, settings, story collection, drawing board, geographical knowledge, and life routine. It provides comprehensive learning and entertainment for children!

This Kids Smart Phone Toy stands out for its HD photography and video recording capabilities, MP3 music playback function, and eco-friendly silicone material. Whether it's a gift or for family entertainment, it is an excellent choice. Purchase now and give children a safe, enjoyable, and creative gift!


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