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EV Charger Type 2, 3.7kW/7.4kW, 6.5M

EV Charger Type 2, 3.7kW/7.4kW, 6.5M

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Charger Type: Type 2 EV Charger

Cable Length: 6.5m / 21ft

Material: PC & TPU

Current: 8/10/13/16Amp

weight: 3.22KG

Operating Temperature: -30°C ~+50°C (-22°F ~+122°F)

Power: 1.7kW-4kW

Voltage: AC200-250V Single Phase

Certification: CE, UKCA, RoHS

Warranty: 24 months

Copper Core: 3*2.5mm²+ 2*0.5mm² TPU Cable

Delay Charging: 1 - 8 Hours

EV Charging Mode: Mode 2

Plug: Type 2 to Schuko

Mechanical Life: >10000 plug and unplug cycles

Display Parameters: Temperature Control Box, Charging Voltage, Charging Current, Signal Voltage, Charging Power, Charging Time/Delay, Charged Energy, SOC, Fault Code

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Don't waste time. Charge quickly, easily and wherever you want.
Enjoy charging. Everywhere.
A mobile charger for electric vehicles that delivers big performance.

Convenient approach to charging

Safety First | We packed all the safety features into one compact package: RCD AC protection for maximum safety.

European Schuko Plug | Specially designed for charging electric vehicles

See everything at a glance

Intuitive user interface & controls

Ultra-Stable Performance | Water and dust resistant housing

Charge Anywhere

Live Temp Control

No installation required. Just plug in and charge.

TUV Rheinland Certified Cables & Connectors Provides a Strong Waterproof Rating - IP67 (mated condition)

Type 2 connector | Compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in Europe.

Electrical Data

Voltage: 230V~, 1P

Rated current: 8A/10A/13A/16 A

Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

Total power: 3.68 kW

Charging mode: Mode 2

Protection Grade

Type 2 plug: IP67  (Coupling State)

Schuko plug: IP44

Control box: IP65

Tripping ranges for the integrated residual current device (RCD): Type A 30mA AC

Over temperature protection:

85℃< control box temperature<95℃, intelligently reduce the charging power, wait for the temperature<70℃, automatically restore the original charging power.

Control box temperature >95℃, automatic disconnect. Wait for the temperature to drop, need to resume charging manually.

Physical Properties

Length: 6.5 m

Weight: 1.96 kg

Dimensions (Control Box): 199 x 90 x 45 mm


1.8 inchesLCD display with two button

Built-In LED flashlight


1. How does it work?

The home charger simply uses your house's AC electricity supply, providing AC power to your EV, which the car’s onboard charger then converts to DC for charging the battery. It's an efficient and safe process to power up your vehicle.

2. Do I need to install anything special to use the EV charging cable?

Not at all. Simply plug the cable into any standard Schuko outlet for an easy plug-and-play experience.

3.Does this cable have quality certification (e.g. CE)?

Yes. Our IEC 62196-2 Type 2 EV Chargers are CE, RoHS listed for safety.

4. Is the current only 16A?

No. Our charger allows you to choose from various settings (8A/10/13A/16) to match your EV and home electrical capacity.

5. Will I have to adjust the settings on the charging cable each time I use it?

No need. The charger remembers your settings with its smart memory feature, making it even more convenient.

6. How do I choose the correct current setting for charging?

First, check your outlet's maximum load to avoid overload. Then, select a suitable current within this limit to charge safely and efficiently.

7. Can I charge my EV at home?

Yes, absolutely! With our Type 2 charger, home charging is convenient and cost-effective, ensuring your EV is always charged and ready.

8. What steps should I follow to connect the charging cable to my EV?

Just three simple steps:

1.Plug into a wall outlet.

2.Set the current and any delay start, if needed.

3.Connect to your car's charging port.

9. What's in the package?

1x Type 2 EV charger

1x Carry bag

1x Microfiber Cloth

1x User Manual

2x Removable velcro straps

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